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Strawberry Solutions lectures are designed to enhance your existing resources in the CHC training package​


These lectures are available in PowerPoint or interactive SCORM format to easily be uploaded into your existing LMS or Online portal. Lectures are designed around assisting online or blended students to gain further knowledge and information on key areas in the Disability, Aged Care and Community Services areas. The lectures include discussions, questions, scenarios and exercises to support discussions had in the classroom.

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Strawberry Solutions has developed four short courses to assist in developing workers in the community services sector, specifically around resilience and wellbeing. The workshops are designed for either face to face or online delivery and are suitable for anyone working or wish to work in the community services sector. This content is presented in either PowerPoint or interactive SCORM that can be uploaded and delivered via your Student Management System and is for purchase on a once of license.

Workforce resilience means supporting staff to identify and respond to workplace factors that can cause stress. It is about identifying what resilience is, how you can build it in your workforce.


– Understand workplace resilience and why it is useful

– What is resilience?

– What is a resilient workplace?

– Strategies for resilience

Compassion fatigue can happen to everyone. Compassion fatigue is cumulative – they happen over time.

Do your staff ever feel like they just don’t care? Or they have heard it all? Do they feel like they have lost compassion for their client group? These are some of the signs of compassion fatigue.

Learn what they are, the personal and business cost and how to put strategies in place to prevent and respond to the issue.


– What us compassion fatigue?

– Help! I think I have compassion fatigue!

– Complex environments and compassion fatigue

– Recognise, Prevent and Respond

Work, Health and Safety approaches are a legislative and systems approach to working safely. Understanding worker wellbeing through the lens of the WHS framework is a proactive approach to staying well, working in complex conditions and change management with a wellbeing approach


– WHS legislation and worker wellbeing

– WHS frameworks and staff responsibility

– Manage competing demands

– Change management

Workplace stress impacts productivity, which impacts on customer engagement, which can impact your cashflow and organisational reputation.

No one likes to feel blamed because the data tells them they don’t answer the phone fast enough.

Learn how to manage stress with performance frameworks in place.

Recognise it

Respond to it

Workplace wellbeing leads to better productivity. This course looks at the damaging physical, emotional and productivity impacts of workplace stress and focuses on solutions.


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