CHCSS00107 Carer Support Skill Set Lectures

The lectures in the Carer Support Skill Set are designed to assist learners to understand the important role of the carer, and how to support them. Organisations work together with carers to provide consistent, quality support. Yet the role of the carer is unpaid, and often under-appreciated. This series of lectures supports the learner to find out more about the value of the carer role, and how to provide quality support and access to services at first point of contact.

Total Units: 2

Total Lectures: 3

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Unit-1: CHCCCS030 Determine and respond to carer needs

Lecture Topics Covered
1. Understanding carers 1.1 Who is a carer?

1.2 What role do carers have?

1.3 How do carers help?

1.4 What support do carers need?

2. Carers and support plan

2.1 Understand support plans

2.2 Carers role in support plans

2.3 Addressing issues

2.4 Solving problems

Unit-2: CHCCOM001 Provide first point of contact

Lecture Topics Covered

3. Service and support

3.1 Service and support

3.2 First impressions count

3.3 Giving information

3.4 Building relationships


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