CHCSS00113 Crisis Support Skill Set Lectures

The lectures in this skill set are designed to suit the needs of learners wanting to learn more about crisis support. This includes implementing skills and support for families and individuals and communities impacted by crisis and suited to learners working or wanting to work in the community, disability and health care sector.

Total Units: 3

Total Lectures: 4

Please click below to check the lectures and topics covered in each unit.

LectureTopics Covered
1. Understand and Recognise Crisis1.1 What is a crisis?
1.2 Understand crisis
1.3 Recognise crisis
1.4 Impact of crisis

2. Safety and Self- Care in Crisis

2.1 What is safety in a crisis
2.2 Steps to safety
2.3 What is self-care in a crisis
2.4 Steps to self-care
LectureTopics Covered

3. Client centred crisis support

3.1 Understand crisis support

3.2 Crisis support model

3.3 Crisis support step 1-3

3.4 Crisis support step 4-6

LectureTopics Covered

4. Increase safety for persons at risk

4.1 Duty of care and your role

4.2 Understand suicide in Australia

4.3 Identify and assess suicide risk

4.4 Safety first


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