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CHCSS00099 Individual Support – Home and Community Skill Set Lectures

The lectures in this skill set aim to support workers to learn about safe, effective and quality home and community care. This includes supporting and working with carers and families as part of an extended care team.

Total Units: 4

Total Lectures: 8

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Unit-1: CHCAGE001 Facilitate the empowerment of older people

Lecture Topics Covered

1. Empowerment and older people

1.1 What is empowerment?
1.2 Empowering older people
1.3 Strategies for empowerment

1.4 Skills for empowerment

2. Understanding aged care systems

2.1 Understanding aged care

2.2 Residential and community care

2.3 Standards for care

2.4 What is elder abuse?

Unit-2: CHCHCS001 Provide home and community support services

Lecture Topics Covered

3. Understand home and community care

3.1 What is home and community care?

3.2 The HAC model

3.3 Eligibility to home care

3.4 Access to care

4. Delivering home and community care

4.1 How is care delivered?

4.2 Safe home visits

4.3 Communication skills for safe home care

4.4 Quality assurance

Unit-3: CHCCCS011 Meet personal support needs

Lecture Topics Covered

5. Understanding personal support

5.1 What is personal support

5.2 Duty of care and your role

5.3 Work, Health and Safety

5.4 Manage complaints and quality

6. Delivering personal support

6.1 Safe home visits

6.2 Manual handling

6.3 Social inclusion

6.4 Personal Care

Unit-4: CHCCCS025 Support relationships with carers and families

Lecture Topics Covered

7. Working with carers and families

7.1 Extended support teams

7.2 Duty of care

7.3 Privacy and safety

7.4 Assess change

8. Support Carers and Families

8.1 Understand carer support needs

8.2 Carer rights

8.3 Carer health

8.4 Carer well being


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