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This set of CRICOS policies and forms have all the key policies to get started in CRICOS.


Engagement of overseas students
Fees and refunds
Student enrolment
Education agents for overseas students
Student orientation and student support
Critical incidents
Student transfer
Complaints and appeals
Completion within timeframes
Monitoring course progress
Monitoring course attendance
Deferring and suspending enrolments
Notification to regulator

Marketing Checklist
Prospectus checklist
Education agent agreement
GTE Visa Check Form
Offer Letter Overseas Students
Student written agreement
Enrolment Form
Under 18 Agreement
Orientation session content
Student services officer job description
Cancellation or deferment form
Application for transfer between providers
Letter of release
Notification of Student at Risk
Student Case Management Agreement
Warning letter 1 (Unsatisfactory Course Progress)
Intention to Report 2 (Unsatisfactory Course Progress)
Warning Letter 1(Unsatisfactory Attendance)
Warning Letter 2(Unsatisfactory Attendance
Warning Letter 3(Unsatisfactory Attendance
Staff Information

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