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Must-see RTO Toolkit: 5 Underrated Tools, Apps & Integrations You Should Use with Canvas LMS

While Canvas LMS can already be used on its own, there are actually tons of apps, plugins, and tools that RTOs can integrate into Canvas to make the learning experience more engaging for students.


Canvas LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) developed by Instructure and is a popular option among educational institutions and RTOs. In this article we’ll look into our underrated favourites in hopes that you discover an app that works for you and your Canvas course the best.

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A Canvas Toolkit for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs)

At Strawberry Solutions, we partner with educational technology providers to deliver inspiring and entertaining solutions for RTOs. After doing it for years, our team has identified 5 tools, apps, and integrations that we think are essential for Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) using Canvas. These tools are going to range across capabilities– from designing websites to creating interactive content– things that you’ll find useful in enhancing the experience of your learners.

Why it’s important

Tired of clunky looking courses, where the material is enclosed within a sad frame and everything just goes right to left, click next, and then right to left again? Loree is useful for RTOs who want to create consistent and fluid learning experiences online. This tool also levels out the playing field for educators who don’t know much about coding and web design. 

What it is

Loree is an educational technology provider under Crystal Delta. According to their Linkedin profile, “Loree empowers educators, learning designers and independent organisations to build entire pages in minutes, giving precious time back to focus on what they do best. Educate! With zero coding experience, users can create customised, accessible and engaging online courses with ease.” Loree can seamlessly integrate with Canvas LMS and Blackboard Learn (Original). Over 8,000+ pages have already been made with Loree. 

What it does 

It integrates easily with your H5P content, creates uniform designs, and customises interactives in canvas. Loree allows RTOs to edit, design, and share content within an LMS and throughout an organisation. 

Watch this video to see how easy it is to launch Loree into your canvas LMS.

Why it’s important

eLearning thrives amid engagement and interaction. In your day-to-day operations as an RTO, do you need to collect and compare answers from your expert trainers and students on a single platform? 

What it is

Wooclap is used in more than 150 countries to do just that. In addition, it is the only interactive platform that offers Script and Judgement Cordinance Tests

What it does

Wooclap Features for RTOs include:

  • 20 different ways to interact
  • Student engagement through participation via Web or SMS
  • Synchronous and asynchronous learning
  • Participation with identification or anonymously 
  • Live or distance learning
  • Easy to share questions and content with colleagues 

RTOs can benefit from boosting participation through technologies like these. All of it can be integrated into Canvas seamlessly. Bonus tip? They are able to manage and support competitions using the tool.

Matthieu, Coordinator of External Communication and Media at CBC Bank, says he did this using Wooclap’s ‘Competition Mode’.  

We achieved a participation rate of 100%, and the atmosphere was incredible. Wooclap allowed us to review several important concepts and notions in a fun way. Shake up your training sessions.” 

Why it’s important

Abstract concepts could benefit from clear visualisations so everyone gets on the same page. This is also true for complex, interconnected systems and processes that may be challenging to describe solely in words. 

What it is

With the use of the web-based diagramming tool Lucidchart, users may improve organisational structures, processes, and systems by working together visually to create, edit, and share charts and diagrams. Karl Sun and Ben Dilts formed Lucid Software Inc., based in United States. 8,000,000+ students and educators are using Lucidchart.

What it does

Make your RTO courses on Canvas more visual by utilising some of the innovative uses of LucidChart’s offerings. By integrating this tool with Canvas, RTOs can:

  • Brainstorm Ideas
  • Build Flowcharts
  • Design UI and Layouts
  • Develop Business Strategy
  • Increase Sales Efficiency
  • Organise People
  • Plan and Track Projects
  • Create Swimlane Diagrams
  • Create Taskboards
  • Visualise Technical Systems
  • …and more.

Browse some of Lucidchart’s templates to see what’s possible and make your RTO courses on Canvas visually powerful.  

“The process of creating a chart can help students visualise and process the parts of a multifaceted problem or concept. Lucidchart makes it easy for students to create charts and share their charts.”

Why it’s important

Don’t you hate when this happens? Click Here As a student, clicking on links that lead to an ‘error’ page can be confusing and frustrating. As an RTO, the objective is for your Canvas courses run smoothly, and part of that is ensuring that students aren’t coming across dead links. At the same time, imagine having to manually check every link throughout your Canvas course. Luckily, there is a tool that can help you with that. Webpages and technology are constantly changing, so it is essential to make sure your links are updated and secure. 

What it is

The course link validator, is a Canvas plug-in. When an RTO needs to reference a web page, source, or previous course, link validator makes it easy. This necessary but straightforward app is an essential tool for any training organisation. 

What it does

The course link validator, is a Canvas plug-in that looks through course content and displays course content links that are broken or unresponsive in both published and unpublished content. Deleted links are also included in the link validator. Links that were formerly active but have since been removed from the course are known as deleted links (such as a course file or page).

Why it’s important

Peer interactions are fundamental for student engagement and learning. Viewing and expressing different perspectives is an integral piece of the learning process, especially for an RTO. Training organisations can now facilitate this type of environment in Canvas Studio. 

What it is

In the Canvas Studio website, Canvas claims that the technology “is the next-generation video education platform for K–12 teaching and learning.” Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media.

What it does

Canvas Studio will help “Turn content into conversation.” Canvas Studio’s interface allows students, instructors, and trainers to engage with media content by: 

  • Commenting directly on the media timeline. 
  • Allowing students to submit and produce their creations or to collaborate
  • Asking and answering questions as they watch
  • Optimises learning through data and analytics

See more about the benefits of using Canvas Studio in this short video.


Technology is a fundamental part of the modern world. We use it in our daily lives to do everything from banking to grocery shopping. Technology has also changed the way we learn, and this trend is only continuing to grow as technology becomes more and more accessible. Similarly RTOs must embrace technology as an important part of the Canvas LMS because it helps instructors create more engaging courses. It also helps students to learn in a more efficient way.

Ultimately, that’s the goal of every educator, past and present.

There may be a ton more we left out. But feel free to talk to us at Strawberry Solutions if you have any more questions

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