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Say hello to a new force in micro-learning

To make change exponential, it takes the power of two.

Create custom-designed & branded
micro-credentials in weeks

We’ve partnered with Learning Vault to deliver an end-to-end solution to micro-credentialing, making it easy to create content and issue digital badges and credentials.

Comprehensive solutions for micro-learning and micro-credentials.

Learning Vault provides world-class digital badging and credentials technology. Offering a flexible digital badging and certification platform for businesses and training organisations. 

Strawberry Solutions is a leading supplier of bespoke eLearning. Our team produces interactive and practical micro-learning courses for employees and students.

Together with Learning Vault, we connect learning design, content development, training strategy and digital badging technology into one seamless service. We’ll take care of all your micro-credentialing needs so you can focus on what matters most. 

What is Micro-learning?

Have you ever watched a short how-to video on YouTube or watched a tutorial video when you started using a new platform or downloaded an app to start learning a new language? All these are examples of micro-learning experiences. Courses designed to give the skills you need right away in a fun and engaging way. 

Check out this micro-learning course to build your knowledge in micro-learning, digital credentials and their benefits.

How does it work?

From the initial concept design through to the taxonomy of credentials, we’ll design, write, develop, create and issue branded digital credentials and badges.

We’ve got our 6-step process down to a fine art.

  • Micro-learning consultation and strategy
  • Development of digital credential taxonomies
  • Development of course content
  • Design of custom digital badges 
  • Setup of digital credentials using the Learning Vault Digital credential platform
  • Handover

Frequent questions about micro-learning

If you already have content, Strawberry Solutions can help refine the instructional design and improve the visual and interactive elements of your course — making the existing content delightful to consume. This can include creating interactive quizzes, adding multimedia elements, and improving the overall user experience. By doing so, we can help you create a more engaging and effective learning experience for your students. We can also collaborate with Learning Vault to create a credentialing architecture and develop unique, verifiable badges and credentials for the course using their platform and technology.

According to our process, the development of a microlearning course can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. The process typically involves the following steps:

  • Needs analysis
  • Design and development
  • Review and feedback
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Deployment and evaluation

The investment for any project always depends on, and is directly proportional to, three things: scope, speed, and complexity. As a benchmark, similar projects can start from $6,180* per micro-learning module, excluding the cost of digital badges. Naturally pricing range will also vary depending on the level of interactivity involved.

Micro-learning development costs vary depending on:
– How complex the topics and learning materials are
– The tools and technologies involved in producing the courses
– The amount of talent required to produce the learning materials
– The difficulty level of finding and retaining subject matter experts for the topic
– Subscription fees, administration costs, and maintenance fees of LMS, SMS
– The length and scope of the project
– The clarity and consistency of the project brief and implementation plans
– Occassionally, the number of intended learners/ participants

At any rate or scope, Strawberry Solutions guarantees quality work and stellar client servicing. Talk to us to get a quote that is perfect for your case.

Strawberry Solutions will assign you a single dedicated project manager who will be your main contact for the entirety of the process. Should the project involve micro-credentialing, Strawberry Solutions will continue to work closely with Learning Vault to deliver the necessary requirements. 

Absolutely. Strawberry Solutions is able to create solutions from a multitude of edtech stack variations. We have experience developing courses and learning assets across every major educational tool across different types. As a guide, we have done courses using the following tools:

– Learning management systems (LMS): Canvas, Moodle, Brightspace D2L, aNewSpring, aXcelerate
– Authoring tools: Loree, Articulate Storyline, Articulate Rise, Adobe Captivate, Evolve Authoring, H5P
– Student management systems (SMS): aXcelerate, VETtrak
– Other in-house, proprietary tools

We don’t author original content for government accredited training. Strawberry Solutions offers contextualisation, interactive design and development, LMS consulting and gap analysis. However, we will be able to help you with authoring original content for non-accredited training. We work with a subject matter expert (SME) to develop original content following the principles of instructional design

Feel free to reach out for a quote, compare us with alternatives, or request for more details about our offerings. We will be happy to assist you with making a fair and informed decision. 

We have carefully built our team with leading education professionals. Our team includes project managers, instructional and graphic designers, eLearning developers, voice over artists, video editors and animators, all of whom contribute their unique skills and experience to cultivate a cohesive learning experience. We also work with topnotch partners like Learning Vault to cater to a more diverse set of learning needs.

Are you a higher education institution?

Generally, universities and higher education institutions in the UK can get special pricing from various educational suppliers such as eLearning developers. If you are a college, university, or a similar higher education institution, you may be eligible for special pricing and discounts.

Talk to us to check your eligibility for discounted pricing or to learn more about how we can help you with your micro-learning needs. 

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