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Make a big impact with microlearning & microcredentials

We’ll help you teach skills people can use right away

Does your team need a little nudge to help them learn?

Our microlearning solutions are a powerful tool to learn new skills and reinforce their regular training.

What is Micro-learning?

Have you ever watched a short how-to video on YouTube or watched a tutorial video when you started using a new platform or downloaded an app to start learning a new language? All these are examples of micro-learning experiences. Courses designed to give the skills you need right away in a fun and engaging way. 

Check out this micro-learning course to build your knowledge in micro-learning, digital credentials and their benefits.

Microlearning moments that feel like a natural part of the job.

Our microlearning courses are developed to help drive the right behaviors and keep your team prepared. We know what it takes to design an effective eLearning course. Our expert learning designers work with you to identify the training needs, write the content, and design the eLearning course so that your employees can learn easily, at their own pace, on any device they choose – while they’re on-the-go.

Make learning fun

Interactive microlearning modules can be a fun way to learn new skills or refresh existing ones.

Design, create and issue your own branded digital badges or microcredentials in weeks.

We’ll help you teach skills people can use right away with our end-to-end microcredentials and solution.

From the initial concept design through to the taxonomy of credentials, we’ll design, write, develop, create and issue branded  digital credentials and badges.

Have a project in mind?

Connect with our expert team who can customise a solution for you.


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