As Unemployment Rises, so does Training.

  Here’s the news: – Unemployment increased 69,300 to 992,300 people in June 2020. – Full-time employment decreased 38,100 and part-time employment increased 249,000. – The unemployment rate was 7.4% in June 2020.     Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, June Labour Force Report   What does this mean for Training? During Recessions, Governments respond […]

Virtual Classrooms

Getting Online Quickly & Effectively Online Education is a hot topic presently with the COVID-19 outbreak.  If you are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), K-12 School, Higher Education Institution, or Corporate L&D Department, read on…. Where Do I Start? The first thing to recognise is that you do not need to have a Learning Management […]

2019 – E-Learning Trends

Industry Trends 2019 saw a tough regulator environment for most VET providers. The number of RTOs sanctioned, cancelled and at the AAT was at the highest it’s ever been. To say that RTOs have had a challenging year when it comes to the level of regulation and funding changes would be an understatement. What does […]