5 Must Do’s to Build a Successful eLearning Platform

Are you struggling with the thought of transitioning your business from in-person to online?  Do you need help with knowing where to start and what to include?  With the pandemic pushing education centres to move online and people searching for opportunities to learn new skills, it’s no surprise that eLearning has seen significant growth over […]

How to Create Powerful eLearning Content to Keep Your Students Engaged

Are you an education provider that struggles to create powerful eLearning content? When delivering new information to students, teachers are often looking for new ways to do so. For example, Pauline Gibbons, an education researcher, tells us, “Rather than trying to simplify information, amplifying the curriculum means finding as many ways as possible to make […]

5 Benefits of Using an eLearning Specialist: Building an Online Training Course With an eLearning Platform Specialist

Anyone looking at developing an online training course needs to remember the old saying “Time Is Money”. So it is no surprise you have begun to look into the option of an online eLearning specialist to assist you.  There are plenty of reasons to use an expert, but the number one reason everyone uses eLearning […]