Revamp student experience and upgrade RTO Quality in 4 simple steps

Maintaining RTO quality is central to ensuring a sustainable, profitable and successful business. As an RTO consultant, I have worked with clients on compliance, systems and development of e-learning and have seen time and time again that the implementation and roll out of a new system, or the addition of a new course becomes front […]

Using Arc in Canvas and How it Can Help RTOs with Student Engagement

Strawberry Solutions has had a number of queries from our clients on Arc. A new feature in Canvas that essentially makes videos come to life. What is Arc? At the core of it, Arc brings together the most fundamental aspects of e-learning; information, interaction, inclusivity and productivity. How so? You may ask. Well, this next-generation […]

Why Canvas and RTOs are a match made in heaven

Since its launch in in 2011, Canvas has been one of the most successful Learning Management Systems (LMS) that has been revolutionising online learning across the world. With thousands of universities and various other learning institutions (such as Harvard and Yale to name a few) abandoning Moodle and other LMS, such as Blackboard, to move […]