My number one tip for beautiful courses in Canvas

I started my love affair with e-learning by loving content and loving designing training programs. I later learnt this had a name, instructional design. When I learnt of this thing called instructional design, I did all I could to learn the pedagogy behind it. I complete a Diploma of Training Delivery and design and enrolled […]

Why too many tech tools achieve the opposite effect

With the arrival of digital technologies that are applied to Vocational Education and Training (VET) Learning Management Systems (LMS) have been faced with the task of keeping up. While it is true that a digital revolution has its advantages, the harsh truth is that many adapting institutions are struggling with keeping up. Too many tech […]

Increasing trainer satisfaction through Canvas and why it is important

One of the fundamental truths about any Education system in the world is that a motivated teacher will always bring out the best in a student. This doesn’t change because the student is an adult, and this doesn’t change when the training is done using a Learning Management System (LMS). Students of all ages tend […]