How to Create Effective SCORM Courses: Compatible eLearning Development

Before talking about creating practical SCORM courses, you probably want to know: What SCORM is? Good question! In a nutshell, SCORM is a standard for eLearning development that ensures your online training content is compatible with your software suite. This acronym stands for: SC = Shareable Content  Content that can be taken from one system […]

Benefits of Using Templates to Optimise Your eLearning Build

Creating a highly engaging and interactive eLearning system whilst saving time and money is a common concern for developers. These concerns have led to the increasing popularity and proven success of eLearning templates, providing the blueprint for high-quality eLearning courses.  But what IS an eLearning template? According to Ispring Solutions, “An eLearning course template is […]

Using Animation in Elearning: A Tool For Student Engagement

Why is it that we can sit our children in front of Peppa Pig, The Simpsons or Paw Patrol at any time and not hear a pin drop for 22 minutes? Animation, of course! And that same entrancing spell can be cast over students to elevate their learning experience and abilities beyond their highest expectations!  […]