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Everything your training organisation needs in One System.

aXcelerate is an award-winning student management system trusted by RTOs, short course providers, CRICOS institutes, schools, and more.

They started off as an RTO

aXcelerate has its origins in Brisbane-based learning and development company VM Learning, which for over 20 years delivered personal effectiveness skills to 40000 learners.

Originally developed to manage VM Learning’s own students, it quickly became clear that aXcelerate was a product that could benefit a broader range of organisations.

In 2008, aXcelerate was made commercial, and is now the chosen student management software for more than 900 diverse RTOs across Australia.

Australia’s premier learning media producer in social care.

Altura Learning creates and distributes high quality, media-rich learning solutions for people working across the health and social care sectors. Altura content is thoroughly researched by their in-house clinical and education team, with support from current, respected subject matter experts, who are leaders in their field.

Widely accepted as producing the highest quality video content in the sector, the Altura production team ensures each video is crafted specifically to engage the audience about each particular topic. From drama to documentary, to explainer graphics, they pitch the right creative idea for each learning experience. Altura brings together the industry’s best minds for filmed content, striking the balance between creativity and appropriate, affordable learning. When learners are engaged, they are more likely to retain information; it’s a philosophy Altura has stood by for nearly 20 years.



Altura Learning utilises video as its primary method of information delivery as it engages the learner and supports people who may have literacy or numeracy deficits. More traditional providers of training develop text-based content which is appropriate for Kinesthetic learners, whereas Altura video-based content provides effective options for those persons that have Audio and/or Visual learning styles. Additionally, all videos have closed captions available for anyone who has a hearing deficit; videos can be paused; and any section replayed to assist the learner who benefits from repetition to enable understanding. Some videos include subtitles to Chinese.

The Learning Platform that Helps Great Education Happen

Open, intuitive, and born in the cloud, Canvas streamlines all the digital tools and content that teachers and students love, for a simpler and more connected learning experience.

An Open, Extensible Learning Ecosystem

The Canvas Learning Management Platform allows schools to build the digital learning environment that meets the unique challenges faced by their institution. Canvas simplifies teaching, elevates learning, and eliminates the headaches of supporting and growing traditional learning technologies.

Canvas is made up of a powerful set of highly integrated learning products that allow institutions to get all of the functionality they need and none that they don’t.

The learning management system creating inspired and engaging education for all

Millions of learners and instructors in educational institutions around the world count on Brightspace to deliver worry-free technology that helps put learners first, enhances teaching success, and improve learning outcomes

Worry-free technology that puts learners first

We are a learning company. With 20 years of experience, our mission to transform learning has never wavered. Technology that paves the way, instead of getting in the way. As your partner in learning, we’re here to help you succeed. Our Brightspace platform makes learning easy, flexible and smart. We’ve made it is easy to create engaging courses and content, integrate video, personalise learning, capture and share expertise across the organisation, and supports all mobile devices. Plus, Brightspace enables the future of learning with adaptive learning, intelligent agents, course interactives, full support for competency-based learning and world-leading learning analytics. Our clients report improved productivity, performance growth, lower turnover of employees, greater engagement and ultimately better business outcomes.

RTO Works is passionate about education, sustainability and environmental protection.

Our strong professional background and our core values contribute to our success.

Since 2000 (then as J&S Learningwork), RTO Works has been one of Australia’s leading developers of learning resources and consulting services for vocational education and training providers. We’re at the forefront of innovative learning and assessment, and our
approach to education isn’t just agile and innovative, it’s sustainability centred. Every team member focuses on building progressive, meaningful relationships with clients, industry and instructional designers – for quality education that puts people first.

Empowering VET Students, RTO Staff and Education Organisations

VETtrak’s Student Management Software has played a significant part in the Australian VET journey over the last 20 years. In fact, many of our customers have been trusting our software and services to power their student management and compliance requirements from the very beginning.

Part of ReadyTech (ASX listed, RDY)

VETtrak is a part of ReadyTech (ASX listed, RDY), the leading provider of people management software for educators, employers and facilitators of work transitions. Bringing together the best in student management, payroll and HR admin, employment services and behavioural science technology, ReadyTech support the development and success of tomorrow’s workforce.