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The Project

Strawberry Solutions has been contracted by the Australian Childhood Foundation to create two eLearning courses using the Brightspace platform with Loree. The project includes designing and developing learning and assessment content for the courses, with a total of 10 modules containing up to 20 pages of content each. Additionally, 40 animated infographics, including gifs to be used throughout the courses, will be created, and the project must comply with WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility standards.

The Client

Australian Childhood Foundation

The Tools


The Category


The process

Strawberry Solutions approached the eLearning project with a well-defined and structured approach. Strawberry Solutions designed and developed 2 modules for each course. The 1st module of each course had up to 20 learning content pages containing learning content paired with 30 visual assets, while the subsequent 8 modules had up to 20 learning content pages per module paired with 30 visual assets. Additionally, Strawberry Solutions created up to 40 animated infographics to be used across the two courses, providing learners with an immersive learning experience. The approach taken by Strawberry Solutions was designed to deliver a high-quality eLearning experience that met the ACF’s objectives while ensuring the courses were engaging and effective in educating learners.

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