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The Project

Breville launched a global LMS platform which will distribute training to internal sales teams and external retail sales associates. Alongside this, Breville is building a comprehensive training curriculum to build product expertise and drive retail sales by creating a better buying experience for their customers, and maximising brand advocacy. Breville has been working with Strawberry Solutions to deliver training content and continued the engagement with the development of additional 45 modules in 2022.

The Client


The Tools


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The process

Strawberry Solutions followed a rigorous process to complete the Breville project. The first step involved instructional design, where the team worked closely with subject matter experts (SMEs) from Breville to finalise the content for 45 microlearning courses. Each course was up to 850 words long, resulting in a total of 38,250 words for the entire project. Next, the team developed eLearning using Evolve, bringing the microlearning courses to life. They also created a design concept and Evolve prototype, applying colour stories for up to four additional product categories. To enhance the learning experience, visual assets were created across images, illustrations, and infographics. The team drew upon Breville’s image and video libraries where the content dictated. Lastly, self-marking knowledge checks were developed as required to ensure learners could assess their understanding of the content. Overall, Strawberry Solutions’ process was meticulous and collaborative, resulting in a successful project for Breville.

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