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Housing Industry Association

The Project

The Housing Industry Association (HIA) are a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) delivering both accredited and non-accredited training. Strawberry Solutions was engaged to design and develop their Certificate IV in Building and Construction using a range of multimedia elements to enhance learner experience, engagement and course retention.

The Client

The Housing Industry Association

The Tools

Canvas Learning Management System and Articulate Rise

The Category


The process

We applied principles of social and situated learning to create opportunities for various types of interaction. We created a highly interactive learning experience by:

  • pairing concepts with relatable storytelling (through animated case studies)
  • scripting and recording subject matter experts delivering concepts in succinct sound bites to foster engagement
  • crafting conversation topics, through online discussions, that provide opportunity for social learning and knowledge sharing
  • building structured, interactive activities which provide opportunity to apply and assess knowledge
  • organising content into bite-size chunks to improve retention, comprehension and engagement
  • using images, illustrations and iconology to reinforce concepts and capture the learner’s attention
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