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Johnson & Johnson - Neutrogena

The Project

Johnson & Johnson has engaged Strawberry Solutions to rebuild their existing Neutrogena Sun module using the Evolve Authoring tool. This is to represent the current course delivered by Johnson & Johnson with updates applied.

The Client

Johnson & Johnson – Neutrogena

The Tools


The Category


The process

Strawberry Solutions undertook the task of rebuilding an existing 30-minute eLearning module for Neutrogena. To begin, the team at Strawberry Solutions carefully analysed the existing module to identify any required updates. Next, we worked to rebuild the module in Evolve, a leading eLearning development software. Throughout the process, we followed Neutrogena’s style guide to ensure the final product was consistent with the client’s branding and messaging. We also incorporated client-provided product images and utilized custom infographics and illustrations to enhance the learning experience. To provide additional visual support, Strawberry Solutions also sourced relevant stock images.

The team at Strawberry Solutions ensured that the updated eLearning module was user-friendly, informative, and engaging, designed to meet the needs of the target audience. The module was rigorously tested and refined to ensure that it met Neutrogena’s standards and expectations. The result was a high-quality eLearning module that successfully educated and informed Neutrogena’s stakeholders while staying true to the client’s brand identity.

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