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The Project

Wisdom Learning are a Canberra-based Registered Training Organisation delivering both accredited and non-accredited training to Australian Public Service employees. Wisdom’s Learning Management System (LMS) houses many courses, authored by various members of their team. They sought to implement a templated approach to course building. We were engaged to uplift the look and feel of their LMS and design and develop templates which could be used across all their courses.

The Client


The Tools

Canvas Learning Management System

The Category


The process

We logically grouped key components of learning content to develop a navigation structure which was both logical and consistent across all courses. We designed and developed templates using visual elements that aligned with their brand and spoke to their target audience. We ensured the image selection was inclusive of a range of ages, cultural backgrounds and genders, so that adult learners were able to better identify with and relate to the content. We used iconology, images and illustrations to prompt the learner to intuitively consume the content in a logical sequence.

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