Curriculum Strategy & Development

Future-Proofing Your eLearning


An effective eLearning strategy will set you on the right course and ensure your systems are working together.

Strawberry Solutions possess expert knowledge of the sectors we work with. We’ll guide your eLearning curriculum into the future by:

  • Assessing the needs of your students and what your eLearning needs to accomplish
  • Balancing organisational and student needs
  • Setting a Macro ELearning Strategy for the next 3-5 years
  • Achieving goals within a set budget
  • Integrating systems for maximum efficacy
  • Using advanced Instructional Design to produce beautiful eLearning courses
  • Providing training pathways
  • Extending ongoing support to ensure your strategy is executed


Find out how we helped shape the eLearning strategy for these organisations:


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