2019 – E-Learning Trends

Industry Trends

2019 saw a tough regulator environment for most VET providers. The number of RTOs sanctioned, cancelled and at the AAT was at the highest it’s ever been. To say that RTOs have had a challenging year when it comes to the level of regulation and funding changes would be an understatement.

What does this mean for e-learning?

Well, it means that your e-learning strategy is likely to be picked at by the regulator and that the Learning Management System you are using needs to be at its best to ensure a high level of student experience and satisfaction. We all know that ASQA was not always a fan of E-Learning but the changes in the ESOS Act has to allow 25% online learning may be a sign that this is no longer the case.

Opportunities for E-Learning

The regulatory environment has made significant impact on colleges . As a business, we are noticing more clients approaching us because their content isn’t compliant or there are updates to Training Packages.  As needs change, there is often a drive to consider new systems and ways of working.

Many colleges are strategically moving to the 25% of allowable distance learning within the ESOS framework.  Systems such as Canvas are being used for both classroom based facilitation and distance learning. Whilst classroom based learning is clearly the main component, the tools used are getting more sophisticated.

Paper based learning is still very present amongst RTOs.  As colleges plan their road ahead, the marketplace moves at a rapid rate and we are noticing that this is no longer a conversation between businesses but an expectation from students to have a modern e-learning solution.

Interactive Video Content Has Arrived! Canvas Studio is a function within

Canvas that allows Trainers and Students to interact
at specific points in video content.  Trainers are able to track
participation levels via analytics and, better still, quizzes can be integrated
into videos to ensure that students are participating in a deeper form of learning.
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