5 Benefits of Using an eLearning Specialist: Building an Online Training Course With an eLearning Platform Specialist

Anyone looking at developing an online training course needs to remember the old saying “Time Is Money”. So it is no surprise you have begun to look into the option of an online eLearning specialist to assist you. 

There are plenty of reasons to use an expert, but the number one reason everyone uses eLearning specialists is to SAVE TIME!

Need more reasons? We can give you plenty. Just read on.


1. Get Your Online Training Course up Fast

There is no doubt you have a launch date, and you are under pressure to get this course up as soon as possible. Experts in the development of eLearning solutions are used to working with tight deadlines. However, their experience with eLearning tools, LMS and different platforms means they are fast and efficient, saving you time and therefore money.



2. Cater to Different Learners

Like all humans, your employees and customers learn in a combination of ways. Some people are more visual, others are more auditory, and some are kinesthetic learners. Many are a mixture of these. Elearning specialists understand the level of diversity you are working with and consider this when developing engaging and interactive course modules. 

3. Take The Pain Out of Transitioning Existing Corporate Training Materials

Transitioning your training materials to an eLearning platform is meticulous and time-consuming. Mistakes are easily made, and the reputation and integrity of your business can be affected by the final product. So let the professionals create accurate and truly engaging modules for you. It is well worth it!

4. Get Access To Professional Training Materials Only The Experts Have

Independently researching and buying software programs to help you create SCORM industry-standard eLearning modules is not easy. The fact is eLearning specialists streamline the entire process with their knowledge and experience in half the time. There is no need to ‘reinvent the wheel’ through trial and error. Instead, let the experts point you in the right direction bringing you the right tools to create what you really need.

5. Specialists Can Also Simply Check Your Work and Meet You Halfway 

Perhaps you would like your team to do some of the work, but you would like an eLearning specialist to look over it and advise you? Hiring an eLearning expert is not an all or nothing deal. eLearning design solutions companies like Strawberry Solutions understand that you are on a budget, and we aim to provide you with guidance when needed, including:

  • – Review materials created
  • – Check through your course
  • – Provide insights into your industry


Whatever your needs, consulting with an eLearning expert to see what they can do for your online course development is always a worthy investment. This is the only way to discover where and how to save time and money when transitioning your business to the virtual learning arena. Remember to keep an open mind and shop around to find the eLearning solutions that suit you best!