As Unemployment Rises, so does Training.


Here’s the news:

  • – Unemployment increased 69,300 to 992,300 people in June 2020.
  • – Full-time employment decreased 38,100 and part-time employment increased 249,000.
  • – The unemployment rate was 7.4% in June 2020.



Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics, June Labour Force Report


What does this mean for Training?

During Recessions, Governments respond by re-training the workforce.

COVID-19 seems to have changed the way our economy needs to operate for the coming years.  Some industries have fallen, some have risen, but the only consistent is change. Many families and individuals have been forced out of full-time positions into part-time arrangements.  Often, these arrangements are not their ideal.  Under these circumstances, individuals are hungry for change, hungry for a better life.

They will be searching for ways to upskill so that they can get a full-time position once again.


In discussions with ITECA, Strawberry Solutions has established the following:


  • – JobTrainer will likely be administered through the existing infrastructures of each State / Territory  (Smart and Skilled in NSW, for example).
  • – JobTrainer is more likely to be for SkillSets, rather than entire Qualifications.
  • – If Qualifications are included, this will be driven by the discussions between the State / Territory and the National Skills Commission.
  • – JobTrainer funding may possibly drill down to the Unit of Competency level.
  • – JobTrainer will likely be only for nationally recognised training courses (non-accredited courses are out of scope).



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