Increasing trainer satisfaction through Canvas and why it is important

One of the fundamental truths about any Education system in the world is that a motivated teacher will always bring out the best in a student. This doesn’t change because the student is an adult, and this doesn’t change when the training is done using a Learning Management System (LMS).

Students of all ages tend to excel more when their teacher (or in the case of VET, the trainer) is more devoted to the task of teaching, and this is why it is important to keep staff morale high in any learning environment.

In a world where more and more learning avenues are becoming digital, it is more important than ever to make sure that satisfaction is high, even for the instructors responsible for planning and coordination of various courses.

With a platform like Canvas integrated into your RTO, you can increase your trainer satisfaction. This is because Canvas is not only a tool for students, but an LMS for instructors and trainers alike. Having been a trainer in the VET environment for many years, I can tell you the joy of working on an easy to use system like Canvas. Canvas goes an extra step in ensuring that trainers have the easiest time possible when delivering their content to their respective students. Some of the features it offers VET trainers includes:

– Simple rescheduling capability

Canvas, as a program, is nothing if not easy to use. Lesson plans can be organised and rescheduled through the simple drag and drop feature, making it easy for Trainers s to make changes to their lesson plans quickly. It also makes communication easy! With the ability for a trainer to send a mobile or social notification to their students in one click. Ensuring students stay informed on any more of these changes.

– Ease of upload of content

With a feature that makes it possible to embed audio and video clips, trainers can easily integrate outside content into their lessons, adding to the wealth of teaching material available to their students. This gives the educator freedom to customise their own lesson, making it a unique and enriching experience for the students. When I was training, we use to photocopy handouts or even overhead projector slides and save them in big folders in the staff room, this is the digital equivalent.

– An exceptional resource centre

With a well-equipped resource centre, Trainers can make use of the myriad of tools and apps that they can simply download and include in their lesson plans to make them more engaging or less time consuming. This means that materials can be adjusted and used for different student cohorts. You can have a different set of resources for CRICOS students to Domestic students. Different for blended students to trainees. The contextualisation possibilities are endless. This means you are catering to your specific group of students easily and with less effort. A sure way to keep students engaged and trainers motivated.

– Personalised support

Any well working LMS needs a capable support system for its staff, and Canvas has its trainers covered on that front very well. The capable experts and support professionals will tirelessly address any issue instructors face, making their experience while teaching all the more satisfactory.

Long gone are the countless days of frustration over issues that can now be solved through the click of a button. Very little time is wasted and an trainer can genuinely focus on what they need to do, which is to help the student learn as best as they can. It truly speaks to its ability to guarantee that trainers working within the VET system are satisfied with the service and can go on to do their best for their respective students.

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