Using Arc in Canvas and How it Can Help RTOs with Student Engagement

Strawberry Solutions has had a number of queries from our clients on Arc. A new feature in Canvas that essentially makes videos come to life.

What is Arc?

At the core of it, Arc brings together the most fundamental aspects of e-learning; information, interaction, inclusivity and productivity. How so? You may ask. Well, this next-generation online platform is designed to promote active collaboration of instructors and teachers through video and audio media.

When Arc as a feature of Canvas Learning Management System (LMS), both instructors and students stand to enjoy a number of benefits and conveniences. These benefits are discussed below.

Benefits of Arc

Student Engagement and Participation is Increased

What most media interfaces offer users is just a means of interaction by commenting. However, Arc’s interface goes above and beyond the conventional media platforms by providing time stamps and aligned time in the media during which the comment was made. These public comments can be used by other students for discussions or by instructors to provide insights to students.

Improved Analytics

Arc’s analytics provide per-user based information such as:

  • Popular media
  • Viewing lengths (start and stop points)

Instructors can the use this information to assess and optimize the media to ensure teaching effectiveness as well as monitor student interaction with the interface. 

A New Approach to Asset Management

Instructors can organise media for each course and tag them appropriately to make it easy for the students to locate them. This comes in handy especially when the user (student) has forgotten the title of a particular media they are looking for. Also, the interface provides a section where descriptions can be provided for each media to give some sort of overview of what it entails.

How Can Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) Benefit from Arc in their Canvas instance?

Makes it Easy for Trainers to Assess Students’ Progress

Using the Arc feature in Canvas makes it easy to view and assess students’ behaviours and interaction with the platform in the form of the comments they provide, time they spend on different media and how often they re-visit certain articles and media. All this information makes it easy for VET trainers to assess a learner’s progress.

Increases Learning and Engagement for Digital Natives

The interactive nature of Canvas LMS and Arc interface promotes engagement with other learners as well as instructors. Since these are online platforms, digital natives will surely feel at home when using them. They allow important information and learning material to be passed on to students much faster and at the convenience of a smart phone, tablet or laptop.

Makes the Course Fun thus Improving Courses Completion Rates

The course is more fun when you get engage with fellow students through an interactive interface. For instance, the comment sections can spark fruitful discussions about certain topics related to the course among the students as well as between the students and the teachers. Also, shared media makes it easy to visualize various aspects of a course thereby making the course more fun. All these will definitely reduce dropout rates among learners.

Want to see more on Arc?

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