Why Canvas and RTOs are a match made in heaven

Since its launch in in 2011, Canvas has been one of the most successful Learning Management Systems (LMS) that has been revolutionising online learning across the world. With thousands of universities and various other learning institutions (such as Harvard and Yale to name a few) abandoning Moodle and other LMS, such as Blackboard, to move over to Canvas.

Canvas Launched in Australia about three years ago and is a game changer for the Education sector in Australia. Higher Education providers (such as University of Sydney), Registered Training Organisations are making the switch and even professional development companies such as Velg Training, are utilising the Canvas platform to offer courses.

Although it hasn’t been developed for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector as such, the VET sector stands to gain a lot from implementation of this program in its learning institutions, making Canvas the perfect fit.

Strawberry Solutions has been lucky enough to help many RTOs make the switch to Canvas and help adapt what has seen to be ‘boring’ content, into engaging, easy to navigate, easy to retain information. Throughout the content design and builds we have done in Canvas, we have found that Canvas and the VET sector go hand in hand for the following reasons:

  1. Ease of use and convenience for students

When it comes to student centred learning, usability is the word that should come to mind most. The Canvas user interface is clean and well organised with a layout that is very easy to navigate. No longer will students experience frustration and wastage of time when trying to find and make use of, important resources. Canvas brings the focus back to what truly matters; the actual course that needs to be learnt. You don’t even need to be on your computer to access content, because the Canvas mobile app makes it possible to continue your lesson on your phone or tablet, on the go. Open, annotate and even submit your work directly to your instructor all from the comfort of your app.




  1. Customisation capability for all learners

Canvas is a name that perfectly encapsulates what this program is all about. It is a canvas upon which instructors and teachers in various institutions can put together courses that are best suited to the needs of their students. The program itself has an in-built app centre from which instructors and institutions can adapt various elements into their courses from the various LTI apps available. Implementation is simple, as apps are easily installed via a single click. With such a powerful tool, content can be developed for each specific RTO in a way that best suits each learner base both domestic and international.


  1. Engagement and student retention

We get asked a lot the difference between Canvas and other LMS’s and the answer has to be the ability to engage and retain students. Canvas can be used for blended, face to face and online students due to its flexible nature. When it comes to online students, RTOs suffer poor completion and retention rates. NOT WITH CANVAS. Canvas ensures student engagement by focusing on the cycle of engagement; Motivation, Participation and Progression. Motivation by allowing and encouraging cooperative and social learning. Participation by a range of interactive, engaging and flexible assessment methods. Progression by having a range of features that enable learners to set goals, receive feedback and reflect on their new-found skills.

  1. Ease of Integration

With this program, it is easy to import courses and adapt or tweak them before launching to your students using Canvas Commons. It enables integration of various systems, from AXcelerate for student management to Arc for easy importation of multimedia for a more engaging learning experience. The open API makes it possible even for third party apps to fit right in and enhance the user experience for all involved.

RTOs stand to gain a lot from implementing a well-structured leaning management system such as Canvas, for the sole reason that it will change the face of VET across the country.

If you have any questions on how you can get started in Canvas, or Strawberry Solutions can help you move your content into Canvas you can contact us at hello@strawberrysolutions.com.au