Joshua Ellis
About Joshua

Account Executive Joshua is a process orientated digital strategist with a knack for communicating effectively with a range of different personality styles.

Josh strives to put himself into the customers shoes to build up a clear, robust and in-depth understanding of customers challenges, road blocks, desired outcomes and long-term goals.

Josh has been working in the learning and development space for approx. 6 years, managing ongoing client relationships; tailoring courseware and organising facilitation of corporate soft skills training for up to 200 staff and more recently as a Digital Training Adviser with the Digital Marketing Institute and assisting individual with obtaining Digital Marketing Qualifications.

Prior to moving into the learning and development space, Josh was leading a call centre team of 15 outbound sales reps for a digital agency in Brisbane. In this position, I was heavily involved in the training, coaching and mentoring of staff across a range of role specific skills.

During this time I found L&D was an area I enjoyed, being able to impart my knowledge and then seeing others succeed through my guidance and it became a field I wanted to become more adept at.