Terms and Conditions

Strawberry Solutions conducts a variety of services and sells digital products. The following terms and conditions describe the various scenarios with their relevant terms.


Please refer to your proposal for any additional terms and conditions applicable to your specific service being provided.


Relationship of terms

The agreement between Strawberry Solutions and any client is not intended to create a joint venture, partnership or relationship of principal and agent between the parties.


Extent of liability 

Any liability of Strawberry Solutions is connection with services provided to the client will be limited to the supplying the services again of refunding the payment provided to the client for the services detailed in the proposal. Strawberry Solutions excludes all liability whatsoever for any consequential loss.



All prices are excluding Government Sales Tax (GST) and all quotes exclude GST. Clients should therefore expect GST to be added to invoices for relevant products and services.


Number of Invoices

Strawberry Solutions will generally invoice the client once for specific work items and will not separate invoices out for deposits versus final payments.



Scope is generally defined in Proposals, which are signed off by the client. For simpler pieces of work, clients will be Quoted and Invoiced directly via our accounting system.


Consulting Projects Under $5,000

Strawberry Solutions has a policy of requiring full payment of invoices in advance for any invoices under $5,000.


Consulting Projects Over $5,000

Strawberry Solutions payment terms for projects over $5,000 require that payments be made in 2 equal payments. Payment 1 is due upfront to initiate all projects and work will commence on receipt of payment being received. The second payment will be due on completion of the project as outlined in the scope of work. Completion of the project is defined by the project being delivered to the client as described in the scope of work. Invoices will be issued along with project completion and will be due to be paid in 14 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed in writing. Project completion is defined by the delivery of the project work and any relevant documentation as outlined in the scope of work. In the instance that the client requires further amendments or changes to the completed project, Strawberry Solutions will make reasonable, in scope changes at no additional charge. As the process of client review and additional changes can vary based on the clients internal capacity, the completion payment is still due within 14 days of the project being handed over, regardless of any requests for in scope changes.


Strawberry Solutions reserves the rights to charge of any out of scope changes at the agreed hourly rate of $150 per hour plus GST, and will discuss any changes that are out of scope prior to commencing these changes to ensure the client is aware of the additional costs that may be incurred.


Strawberry Solutions requires all changes and feedback requests to be made to the nominated contact person within 30 days of project completion and handover. Any changes requested after the 30 day mark may be charged at the agreed rate of $150 per hour plus GST.


Retrospective Changes

Should the client request any changes to completed projects, these will be billed at our standard hourly rate of $150 per hour (excluding GST). All projects are considered final 30 days after deliverables have been handed over to the client for review.


Additional work or variation of agreement 

Items that are not included in the scope and are requested to be completed as additional work during a project will be billed at an hourly rate of ($150) per hour excluding GST. An estimate of additional hours will be provided and approved by the client prior to this additional work commencing. Invoices for additional work are expected to be paid within 14 calendar days.


Travel and accommodation

Where the client requires Strawberry Solutions to travel, the client is required to pay in advance any estimated travel costs and travel time for Strawberry Solutions staff. This includes airfares, rental car costs and accommodation, tolls and parking. Travel costs will be charged inline with Australian Taxation Office Taxation Determination TD 2017/19 or its successor.


Sample Unit Phases for Canvas Course Builds

“Sample Units” are the first Units of Competency developed into Learning Management Systems, such as Canvas. “Sample Units” are usually the first Unit of Competency, forming the larger composition of a Qualification under Nationally Recognised Training (see https://training.gov.au/ ).

In accordance to aforementioned policies of invoices under $5,000, Strawberry Solutions requires clients to pay upfront for “Sample Unit” development of Units of Competency into the Canvas Learning Management System.


Digital Products

Strawberry Solutions sells a range of digital products, such as SCORM files, Learning Materials, and other digital work. Strawberry Solutions requires the client to pay for these products fully in advance in order to release said products to clients.


Help and Support Packages

Strawberry Solutions is able to offer “Help and Support” packages at a set hourly rate. These packages are to be pre-purchased by clients in 10x hour blocks of time. Strawberry Solutions will consume the necessary time from these blocks of time whenever time is consumed on a “Help and Support” matter. These blocks of time will be charged in a minimum of 0.5 hour units. Clients will be provided with a link through which they can view the consumption of these “Help and Support” packages.


Complaints Procedures

Strawberry Solutions takes the satisfaction of its clients very seriously and always wishes to know any feedback that clients may have. Should there be items of work requiring rectification, Strawberry Solutions will endeavour to rectify the necessary work, according to original Scope.

Should a client ever have any concerns please contact your Customer Success Manager initially and then escalated to filling in a formal complaints form at: (Link)


Cooling off period and Refund policy 

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, a five day cooling off period from the date the proposal is signed by the client applies to all services provided. Should the client decide not to proceed with the services during the cooling off period, a full refund will be made. Strawberry Solutions will not commence work on any project until payment in full is made (for projects under $5,000) or until the initial 50% payment is made (for projects over $5,000). Once payment is received work on the project will commence and any refunds are at the discretion of Strawberry Solutions based on the merit of the request. Refunds for change of mind will not be provided.


Intellectual property of pre-built learning materials 

The purchase of pre-built SCORM content and learning materials developed by Strawberry Solutions is provided under an end user license agreement. The client acknowledges that the intellectual property of these items remain the property of Strawberry Solutions. The client shall not sell, transfer, or otherwise permit to be used by any third party.


Client Reviews

Strawberry Solutions thrives on satisfied customers and welcomes all forms of feedback through public reviews. You can find our reviews and leave a review at the following link: https://g.page/strawberry-solutions?we